The sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a special event called a wedding. The power of the sacrament is visible throughout the lifetime of the married couple. Getting married in the setting of a church recognizes and celebrates God's continued presence in your life and in your love. 

Good Shepherd welcomes you into our church to celebrate your wedding!

Here are answers to a few questions you may have.

May we get married at Good Shepherd even if we are not members?

Yes. One member of the couple needs to be a baptized Christian. Neither needs to be an Episcopalian.

How early do we need to reserve the date?

We don't have a policy on this. We ask you to contact us as soon as you have a date selected. If it's more than a year before the date, please wait until one year before to contact us.

How do we reserve the date?

Contact Father Link Hullar at or call the church office at 860-583-5445.

Is pre-marital counseling mandatory?

Yes.  Father Link will schedule three to five counseling sessions with you prior to your wedding.

How many people does Good Shepherd Episcopal Church hold?

About 150 in the pews. It is also possible to add two rows of cushioned seats in the back for another 50 people.

Does your church allow same-sex marriage ceremonies?

Yes!  Good Shepherd recognizes the sanctity and validity of marriages between all people, including same-sex couples,

What about re-marriage after divorce?

Re-marriage after divorce is permitted, although some extra paperwork is needed to obtain permission from the Bishop.