January 2018

Greetings, blessings, peace, joy, & good news! 


I am the "new" priest.  Well, just "new" to the folks at St. John's.  I am writing this by way of a brief introduction and invitation. 


In addition to being a priest, I taught history and worked in educational administration for forty years.  My wife (Sharon) and I retired and moved to Connecticut (we have a daughter and four grandchildren in Bristol).  Sharon and I have been married for 42 years; we have lived in Alabama, Ohio, Texas, and now the Connecticut hills. 


I also enjoy a variety of musical interests, old TV and popular fiction, old comic books (primarily characters such as Yogi Bear), and I am a writer (more than a dozen published books and over a hundred stories, articles, poems, etc.). 


I serve as Missional Priest in Charge at Church of Our Saviour in Plainville and St. John's in Bristol. 


So, what's up ?!?  If we have not yet met, then let's try it on.  We are called to share and to be the GOOD NEWS!  We are called to be the Body of Christ!  We are called to be light and love!  Let's gather.  Let's worship.  Let's explore what it means for US to be God's LOVE. Always, in all ways, GOD IS LOVE. 


I look forward to growing in LOVE with you and the community of Jesus followers in Bristol. 


As always, blessings, prayers, peace, joy, & LOVE.   


Father Link Hullar

Missional Priest in Charge