Our Priests

St. John's has had many men and women leading us. Here is a list of the most recent ones.

  • Father Link Hullar

    2018-present.  Father Link is our current Priest in Charge. 

  • Father Esmail Dezhbod

    2016-2017. Missional Priest

  • Pastor Ellen Tillotson

    2014-2016. Missional Priest

  • Pastor Martha Klein Larsen

    2009-2014 Part Time Priest in Charge

  • Pastor audrey Murdock

    2006-2009 Part Time Priest in Charge

  • father Mark Hansen

    1990-2005 Priest in Charge

  • Father George Wells Razee

    1967-1988: Vicar 1967-1985 and Rector 1985-1988


    Father George J. Karney, Jr. - 1963-1967

    Father Robert B. Doing, Jr. - 1956-1963 - First full-time Vicar

    Father John W. McCann - 1952-1956 - First resident Vicar (shared)